Alfred Music Debuts Indispensable Resource Featuring The Women of Western Music

The Women of Western Music

Los Angeles, CA—January 2017
Alfred Music, the leading publisher in music education since 1922, is thrilled to release The Women of Western Music: Hildegard to Ella, an exceptional classroom resource focusing on the lives of 18 sensational female composers, musicians, and teachers. This long-awaited manual focuses exclusively on the female artists who haven’t made it into most textbooks, such as Clara Schumann, Amy Beach, Marian Anderson, Ethel Merman, and Billie Holiday. The lesser known history about the women in this book truly exemplify their outstanding musical accomplishments and contributions. These 18 women defied tradition and familial pressure to lead extraordinary lives as teachers, composers, conductors, and performers. From a Medieval nun to a modern-day country singer, each of these amazing women affected lasting change.

This completely reproducible book includes biographies, student assessments, and recordings making integration into your curriculum easier than ever. Recommended for grades five and up.

The Women of Western Music is available for $34.99 at music retail stores, online retailers, and