Alfred Music Expands Sound Innovations Series with Creative Warm-Ups for String Orchestra

Los Angeles, CA—July 11, 2017
Alfred Music, the leading publisher in music education since 1922, is proud to announce the release of Sound Innovations for String Orchestra: Creative Warm-Ups, a companion resource to Sound Innovations: Sound Development for Intermediate String Orchestra.

Sound Innovations: Creative Warm-ups emphasizes four aspects of string performance essential to the refinement of musicianship and skill at the intermediate level. The levels can be used in the order that is best for your students’ development, whether that means as individual warm-ups or as structured units.

Consistent with the Sound Innovations structure, students explore, develop, and refine:
• Sound Intonation
• Sound Rhythms
• Sound Bowing Fluency and Choreography
• Sound Creativity

Students will develop high-level listening skills through practicing intervals, chord tones and balance, major/minor/diminished/augmented chord qualities, drones, and extended hand patterns—including cello extension pedagogy. Students will also learn to analyze, audiate, and perform rhythms that create rhythmic independence and develop large-group rhythmic ensemble playing. Bowing fluency exercises will lead students to play with all parts of the bow, start in different points of the bow, use expressive bow strokes, and execute fluid string crossings. A groundbreaking sequence of exercises and repertoire help students develop a toolbox of material to use while improvising in distinct styles: classical, jazz, Latin, rock, and over a drone accompaniment. Video demonstrations of key skills are referenced in the book and will be able to be viewed online at soon.

Sound Innovations: Creative Warm-ups will be at music retail stores, online retailers, and Prices to come.

Review copies are available upon request.