Alfred Music Releases New Drumset Method for Kids

Shape Beats for KidsLos Angeles, CA—April 14, 2017
Alfred Music, the leading publisher in music education since 1922, announces the release of Shape Beats for Kids, A Simple and Fun Approach to Learning Drums, especially for young children.

Shape Beats for Kids by Tim Carman, a new drumset method for kindergarten and up, is a simple and fun way to learn how to play drums. Because many beginning students are still in the early stages of development and may not be able to comprehend standard notation, the book utilizes shapes—an instantly recognizable notational vehicle—to teach students basic drumming beats. Each chapter contains play-along examples on the included CD so the student can use their new beats to play along with the songs.

Shape Beats for Kids is available for $15.99 at music retail stores, online retailers, and

Review copies are available upon request.